KEVN Rubber Identification Tool


The KEVN® is a useful tool for identifying the material of an o-ring*

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The KEVN® O-Ring ID Tool is a practical and useful device to assist in the identification of four (4) commonly used O-Ring rubber materials:

  • K ALREZ® – Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)
  • E PDM – Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR)
  • V iton® – Fluorocarbon (FPM, FKM)
  • N itrile – Nitrile Rubber (Buna-N)

The KEVN® O-Ring ID Tool is calibrated to work best with the following applications:

  • 70 Durometer O-Rings
  • New & Unused O-Rings
  • O-Rings within their rated shelf life
  • Cross-sections starting with .103″ (2.62mm) up to .275″ (6.99mm), including the standard AS568 series (100, 200, 300, & 400 series).
  • To verify an O-Ring just before installing in the equipment.
  • To differentiate between KNOWN O-Ring materials.
  • To check for mislabeled O-Rings.
  • To verify new O-Rings.
  • Sorting Applications.
  • To identify composition of flat gasket surfaces

*The KEVN® should not be used for these applications:

  • To identify or analyze a failed O-Ring
  • On damaged O-Rings
  • On O-Rings of unknown composition
  • On out-of-date O-Rings
  • On O-Ring cross-sections less than .103″(2.62mm), and greater than .275″(6.99mm)
  • On other than 70 Durometer O-Rings

DISCLAIMER: The use of rubber elastomer marks such as Kalrez® & Viton® (which are registered trademarks of DuPont Elastomers) are for reference only, and do not guarantee that the materials tested with this tool are from a particular manufacturer.

Instructions for How to Use the KEVN:

1. Place the O-Ring on a stable, flat surface. Hold the KEVN® O-Ring ID Tool in a vertical position so that the straight edge of the sliding weight hangs out the bottom of the steel tube.

2. Position the straight edge of the weight on the O-Ring’s cross-section and raise the weight all the way to the top of the tube (as far as it will go).

3. Release the weight and let it drop onto the O-Ring. The weight will bounce. The height of the first bounce will rise to one of the four calibrated ranges.

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